Merchant Of Manny Video Shoot

So as you guys have probably seen via social media, Last week we shot the music video to the title track for the new project.

The vibe was sick, I’m really excited about putting out this new body of work.. i know its been a minute since i dropped something so its this ep and then TSOBF!, The vibe of the video is very chilled to fit the theme of the song and i think you guys will love it.

We worked with EY3 media on this visual so firstly have to say a big shout out to KC, Simon, Sara and Dane for all they did on the day and also to Terrace bar for allowing us to shoot and helping facilitate the vision.

The essence of the video captures i think what i’m mainly about and that is the people. the song itself speaks about the different traps we find ourselves in trying to grow up within the city and how it happens to people from all walks of life and so it was cool to bring some of my friends in just to reinforce how though we’re all from different backgrounds and economic situations we all seem to experience similar struggles within life.

Anyways hope you guys will love it, Remember the ep hits itunes july the 8th so make sure you cop that and also make sure you attend the launch show at band on the wall in manchester on the same date.




P.S here are a few bts shots from the day, Also massive shout out to all my boys who came through to show love


pic 3 pic 2 pic 1

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