I heard J Chambers and he struck a chord!

I heard J Chambers and he struck a chord!

Still living in the 80’s and 90’s when it comes to judging new Hip Hop artists, nothing ever quite gets me like Grandmaster Flash’s The Message, Eric B and Rakim’s base lines and flows, Public Enemies militant lyrics or NWA’s stand and ball’s to speak out and I tend to still judge new acts on my old school views and very few tend to come close.

There are not many rappers these days who make the grade, I’m either hearing the same drawn out repeated bars, cusses and sheep following yawns or manufactured synchronised mess. Then just when I’m losing hope that Hip Hop will never be the same again, I heard J Chambers and he struck a chord.

Manchester is synonymous with producing musical legends, there is no doubt there is something in the water up North that breeds a certain type of earthy realism and revolutionary calibre of performer.

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Some tracks take some listening to before you get them, then some pass, what we used to call ‘the old grey whistle test’ meaning you’d be whistling along half way through hearing the first verse and chorus. Chambers has that effect in every song I’ve listened too so far, in fact his new track ‘Wade in the Water’ is almost impossible to get out of your head and you find yourself replaying it over a few times a week, just to keep reminding yourself just how good it is. The finishing verse where the music ends and Chambers goes acapella is just genius in its delivery and fantastic selection of meaningful lyrics and poetic license.

You won’t hear Chambers swearing, cursing, bragging or disrespecting fellow artists and individuals, he is focused on a bigger picture and his music and content has the ability to teach, inspire and question and he takes the listener to a high vibrational state of awareness and consciousness, while keeping his Hip Hop roots, with a modern fresh twist of individuality.

Chambers is proud to be independent and let his music evolve naturally. The few who have had the fortune of discovering him already in these early stages, have been blown away by his energy and hooked by his talent, he won’t have any problems getting a wider audience when the penny drops and the word of mouth that is gathering steam, goes nationwide.

Chambers is a breath of fresh air to Hip Hop and someone who you could rely on to entertain young and old without prejudice. If you wanted your teenage son listening something constructive with a message of hope for a generation, then buy them a J Chambers Album asap, you may though want to get a copy for yourself!

His latest work is the haunting soul searching album, TSOBF (The Souls of Black Folk) a unique urban master piece using samples of Motown and Gospel to create a magnum opus that will stand the test of time. Artists like Chambers come along once in a blue moon and this Mancunian word smith’s moon will be rising soon enough!

By Aidan Yasmin

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